Painting a car is ordinarily a very expensive and time-consuming job, especially if you want a factory-quality finish. This duo driving a Ford Focus Sedan in the U.S. were clearly not interested in a stunning paint scheme when they decided to change the sedan from white to black.

This video from Reddit was captured by a nearby driver as the pair were using a spray can to paint the Ford black. What makes the clip all the more hilarious is that the paint job was being done in the parking lot of 7-Eleven with no regard for the overspray and fumes that could have annoyed those nearby.

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As the video starts, we can see that most of the Ford’s front end has been painted black with one young man wearing a pair of jeans while his partner is wearing a complete white suit to protect her from the paint. Before long, the man turns his attention to the rear of the Focus where the taillights have been tapped up and starts painting away.

One person on the comment thread claims they know who originally posted this video and claim that the car was stolen. This shouldn’t shock anyone as it is not uncommon for car thieves, who clearly think they’re ‘smart’, to simply repaint a stolen car seemingly in the belief authorities can’t still trace a car even if it is painted a different color. While we can’t confirm it, the same commentator allegedly claims that the car was later found by police and that the two were arrested.

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