Porsche Is Eager To Ensure Its Wheel Center Caps Are Correctly Aligned


Porsche has always done things it own unique way. After all, it builds the 911, a sports car with its engine hanging out over the rear axle that defies all traditional logic. As Jalopnik recently discovered, this isn’t the only thing Porsche does differently.

During the recent global unveiling of the all-electric Porsche Taycan at Niagara Falls, a Jalopnik writer span around the center cap of the Taycan’s wheel to take a photo with the Porsche logo perfectly vertical. A representative quickly returned the center cap back to its original position.

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Asked why they did this, the Porsche employee revealed that the crest on a Porsche center cap must always point towards the locking wheel nut which itself must always be lined up with a tire inflation nozzle. In the event that the car doesn’t feature a locking wheel nut for each wheel, the center cap is turned until it points towards the tire nozzle.

This attention to detail may seem a little odd but this is Porsche after all, a company that builds some of the market’s highest-performing and most desirable cars. It also happens to be a German company and we all know that the Germans are sticklers for doing things by the book and often perfectionists in the best sense.

So, if you ever have the opportunity to drive a Porsche or even see one on the street, take a look at the positioning of its center caps. If they’re off, you know a tire or wheel shop may not know of the importance of this hugely crucial detail.

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