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IONITY’s new High-Power chargers are instantly recognisable thanks to their lighting concept, their innovative styling is the result of intensive user research carried out by Designworks and is intended to make the charging experience more comfortable, more secure and less hassle. Standing at 2.6 metres the all-new IONITY High-Power charger features a unique multi-functional LED light ring – The Halo – acting as a beacon on the highways at night and making it easier for drivers to find stations on forecourts.

The next-gen IONITY chargers are capable of 350kW DC charging and can add 350km/220mi of range to an EV in 10 minutes.

Engineered and industrialised by EV charger specialists Tritium over 18 months, the unit is a triumph in design and engineering and is ready to be rolled out as part of the agreement for Tritium to supply 220 IONITY charging sites with up to six 350kW DC High Power Chargers (HPCs).

IONITY 350kw charger
IONITY 350kw charger

The distinctive Halo atop the charger unit emits enough light to remove the need for additional lighting around the charge site, while also providing a secure, welcoming experience for the recharging driver.  The first site for the new charger is slated for Greve, Denmark, with the subsequent rollout of the Halo chargers to expand across Scandinavia, particularly in Norway.

The charging cable management system is now far more user-friendly thanks to the helpful repositioning of the cable so that it feeds from above. In addition, this makes the cable more flexible when approaching your vehicle and plugging in.

Tritium CEO and co-founder, David Finn, said:

“These are true state-of-the-art chargers, which will change the very look and feel of highways across the continent. When people see these bright beacons shining in the distance, they’ll know that they get served in a most convenient, safe and fastest rate possible.”

IONITY’s initial network of 400 High-Power charging stations is planned to be deployed by the end of 2020, and will include many of the new IONITY High-Power chargers. Approximately 140 IONITY HPC stations are currently up and running with over 50 under construction. The 350kW charging network is future-proofed while at the same time serving today’s EVs. Located on or near the highway, they make e-mobility a convenient, reliable and everyday experience. By teaming up with strategic site partners more than 95 percent of the planned IONITY network has already been covered with a corresponding range of good quality amenities available on site.

IONITY 350kw charge point
IONITY 350kw charge point recharges an Audi e-tron

The IONITY High-Power charging network across 24 European countries is powered by 100% renewable energy. By offering only renewable energy IONITY is acting responsibly to reduce the individual CO2 footprint of all customers charging at IONITY stations.

The launch of the new chargers comes in the same week as the Hyundai Motor Group became the latest shareholder in the IONITY joint venture. Current partners BMW Group, Daimler AG, Ford Motor Company and the Volkswagen Group with Porsche AG will be joined by KIA and Hyundai as the brand vows to offer upto 350kw charging in its next generation of electric models.


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