If you own a Toyota 86 and want an example of what you shouldn’t do to your Japanese sports car, just take a look at this picture.

The car, which reportedly resides somewhere in Ontario, Canada, was pictured at a petrol station and shared on Reddit. Making the car immediately stand out from a regular 86 are the presence of huge fender flares that have either been painted black or simply left unpainted and attached to the Toyota.

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Widebody Toyota 86s aren’t particularly rare. In fact, we’re willing to bet you can find a handful of modified widebody 86s for every 100 or 200 examples sold. Ordinarily, these widebody 86s also feature custom wheels and lowered suspension systems with eye-catching stances. That’s not the case here because the car’s suspension actually appears to have been raised and a pair of all-terrain tires fitted, making for a rather strange rally-inspired 86.

The Toyota 86 is one of the purest rear-wheel drive sports cars on the market largely defined by its compact size and low ride-height. With the seat lowered all the way down, it almost feels like you’re sitting on the road when behind the wheel of the 86. However, the ‘design choices’ of this owner would make the car feel more like a small crossover than a sports car.

If the car’s modifications are purely for show, we’re horrified. In the event that the owner actually goes off-roading in the car, then we have to give them props for creating an 86 unlike any other.

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