How Many Horses Do You Think This Toyed-Up Acura Has?


You can find some pretty weird-looking vehicles on roads in the United States and this is certainly one of the most bizarre.

It’s reported that this clip was filmed in Nashville, Tennessee and it shows a black Acura fitted with dozens of toy horses across the exterior. In addition, it features a pair of U.S. flags on the front doors.

The person who filmed this clearly believes that drugs played a role in this creation, exclaiming “What in the crystal meth is going on here?” as he walks around the car with his phone recording every square inch. There’s certainly a chance the owner or the person who affixed all the horses to the Acura was on some kind of ‘substance’ when doing so.

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According to a Reddit user, however, there is actually a much more innocent explanation behind the car. User wutdafuqizdis claims that the vehicle’s owner lets people decorate her car “every so often” and that that’s exactly what has happened here. Even if that is the case, we wouldn’t be surprised to discover that the person who thought of sticking on these horses, perhaps in the hope of adding ‘horsepower’, was as high as a kite while doing so.

Many of the stuffed animals appear to be stuck down with generous amounts of tape but others look to be in quite precarious positions and would probably fly off if the driver exceed 30 mph or so.

What in the crystal meth is going on here ? from r/Shitty_Car_Mods

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