Distracted Ford F-150 Driver Causes Shocking Pile-Up On Oklahoma Highway


Our smartphones get smarter by the minute, our cars as well, basically every device we use nowadays has made unbelievable advances compared to ten years ago.

Let’s not even talk about artificial intelligence and how us humans are afraid we will lose our jobs because of it in the future. Unfortunately, the more people rely on technology, the less they use their own brains and, in many cases, their over-dependence on gadgets can have serious consequences — both for themselves and others.

The following dashcam video illustrates this too well, unfortunately. In the footage dating from September 23, we see a white Ford F-150 truck driving on the middle lane of the I-235 near the Oklahoma State Capitol in Oklahoma City.

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At one point, the traffic ahead slows and drivers start braking, anticipating that the vehicles ahead will come to a halt. Mind you, the F-150 driver carried on like nothing happened and didn’t react until it was too late. His truck slammed into the car ahead, causing a chain reaction in which at least three vehicles were involved.

How could anyone be so reckless behind the wheel, you ask? Well, the cammer took a look at the F-150 driver before the crash and noticed that driving was low on his list of priorities at the time. According to the person filming, the man was on his phone moments before he caused the massive accident.

The impact looked really scary and the passengers in the car sandwiched between the F-150 and another pickup most likely sustained serious injuries — let’s just hope things weren’t worse than that. As the cammer writes in the video description, “no text, no phone call, nothing on mobile phones is worth the reckless and sometimes tragic consequences.” Will drivers like these ever listen, though?

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