Few JDM performance cars have reaches a mythical status as high as the Nissan R34 GT-R; helped by a combination of luck, rarity and a bit of Hollywood magic, Nissan’s R34 Skyline GT-R has become one of the most drool-worthy sports cars of the past 30 years and rightly so.

To celebrate the nameplate’s 50th anniversary, Nissan has launched a special edition of the current R35 GT-R, which also brings back the famous Bayside Blue paint option. Watching the two GT-Rs driving side-by-side, finished in the same color is definitely a sight worth seeing.

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The Straight Pipes got hold of a wonderful R34 GT-R V-Spec to test alongside the latest R35 special edition, giving them the opportunity to go through their similarities and their differences. Unlike the US, Canada allows importing these machines as the age limit there is 15 years and not 25.

The specific R34 GT-R is also fitted with some tasty mods -of course it is-, producing 504 HP at the wheels from its twin-turbo 2.6-liter RB26 straight-six engine. Power goes to all four wheels via a six-speed manual transmission, which rather boost the image of the Japanese icon.

The R35 GT-R ditched the straight-six configuration in favor of a twin-turbo V6, which in its latest iteration produces 565hp and 467lb-ft (633Nm) of torque and has been fitted with new turbochargers for better throttle response than before. Unlike the R34, the current GT-R is offered only with a six-speed dual-clutch gearbox.

Should you pick a winner out of the two? Not really, but they say the heart wants what the heart wants and who can argue against the R34 GT-R V-Spec, especially one finished in Bayside Blue.

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