Totally Burnt Out Ferrari 458 Spider Is Unrecognizable, Yet Up For Sale


Ah, the Ferrari 458. One of the final naturally-aspirated mid-engined V8 models produced by the Italian car manufacturer and one of the the best-looking vehicles produced by Maranello in recent decades. This particular 458 Spider for sale from Copart is, let’s say, a little different.

You see, while it left the Ferrari looking fabulous, it was involved in some kind of accident and burnt to the ground. All we’re left with is a melted pile of junk that’s been left to rot outside and is covered in rust.

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It’s not entirely uncommon to find burnt vehicles up for sale from auction lots across the country yet, to this day, we still have no idea what kind of person buys something like this. Unless, that is, someone decides to buy it purely for the VIN number.

Clearly, this hulk will never turn a wheel again because all four have been melted. In addition, it’s not as if the Italian supercar was declared a write-off by a flood or something similar and has parts that could be salvageable and later sold for a profit. We can’t see a single part from this pile of mangled mess that could be used in some manner. After all, there’s not exactly a market for springs that have been destroyed by fire and left to rust.

Funnily enough, the auction classifies the 458 as an ‘Enhanced Vehicles’, indicating that the selling dealer has authorized Copart to perform an enhancement such as a wash or vacuum. Somehow we don’t think a wash will suffice…

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