Footage has emerged online showing the cause of the deadly Sandalwood Fire in California that destroyed 74 structures and killed two people late last week and over the weekend.

Local resident Shawn M Melvin found himself driving behind a garbage truck on Thursday with smoke billowing out of its top. He had his son start to record video of the truck and captured the moment it pulled over to the side of the road. The video soon cuts off, but τηε police soon confirmed that the driver dumped the smoking trash on the side of the road and, before long, it sparked the massive blaze.

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Speaking το ABC 7, Melvin said he tried to persuade the truck driver to not dump the flaming trash so close to a field.

“I was pleading with him, begging with him, don’t stop here. If you already have fire coming out the top of the hopper, it’s gonna catch [the field on fire],” he said. “Go anywhere, even pull onto the overpass on the 10 freeway, anywhere but here.”

Immediately after realizing that the truck driver was not going to heed his advice, Melvin raced to a nearby middle school to pull his daughter out of class. Just 15 minutes later he said he could see and smell the smoke of the fire from the school’s parking lot.

Authorities say they are still investigating whether criminal charges will be filed against the driver or the company he works for.

Hunter and I were behind the trash truck that caused the fire today in Calimesa. I was on my way to go pick up Cassidy from school and there was already flames coming out of the top of it at some point. I told Hunter to start recording what was going on. At the very end you can see me pulling up to him and begging him To pull the truck somewhere else so he would not catch the field on fire. I told him over and over he was going to catch the field on fire. So many things have been running through my mind after I have watch this video where I wish that I would’ve just told him to get out and I could have backed into the fire hydrant that you could clearly see in the video. Could’ve would’ve should’ve. I feel so bad for the people that have lost their homes tonight my prayers are with them. One more thing Mesa view elementary school could’ve been a death trap today they really need to re-think another way out.

Gepostet von Shawn M Melvin am Donnerstag, 10. Oktober 2019

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