German Cops Seized This Gold Wrapped BMW X5 M Because It Was Too Shiny


Germany is the birthplace of the automobile, but authorities are pretty strict when it comes to tuning.

Case in point, the Düsseldorf police launched a crackdown on modified vehicles over the weekend and “secured” five different models for inspection by an expert.

One of them wasn’t hard to miss as it was a BMW X5 M with a gold wrap. As the department noted in a press release, it got the “undivided attention” of officers as it “blazed clearly in the corresponding sunlight.”

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Bright wraps are a no-no in Germany as authorities say they can cause a “dazzling effect” which can endanger other drivers. In a case earlier this year, the owner of a gold Porsche Panamera had their keys and license plate confiscated and were told they couldn’t drive the vehicle until the wrap was removed.

Getting back to the X5 M, authorities also found the vehicle was equipped with tinted taillights and a “manipulated exhaust system.” Police said the driver was a 30-year-old from Kosovo who claimed to be unaware of Germany’s strict tuning laws. While that could be true, they didn’t let the driver off easy.

According to DW, police determined the vehicle was unsafe to drive and it was towed away from the scene. As a result, the driver had to find another way home.

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Image credits Polizei Düsseldorf

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