Reviews of the long-awaited 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray have finally started to find their way online. Unsurprisingly, journalists are already rather fond of the mid-engined Corvette.

In the videos below we have gathered together some of the first C8 Corvette reviews published on YouTube from the likes of Roadshow, The Smoking Tire, Kelley Blue Book, Road and Track, Roadshow and Car&Driver. It appears as though journalists have only so far had the opportunity to test range-topping Z51 models with the available 3LT package as opposed to the entry-level $59,995 ‘Vette.

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Matt Farah’s review of the sports car is filled with excitement at just how good the car is. He had the opportunity to drive it on a race track and says that it has beautiful balance, excellent front-end grip, a great transmission, and is a performance bargain. He concludes the review by describing it as “extraordinary.” The second half of the review features Farah clarifying some of the comments he made during his onboard review where he admits that as he spent more time with the car, the shine began to fade.

Over at Road and Track in a written review, experienced auto journalist Jason Cammisa describes the C8 Corvette as good but not great. One of his biggest issues with the car is the understeer that it can experience. During skidpan testing, it pulled 1.03 g and while that’s impressive, it is down on the 1.08 g that the C7 Corvette Z51 recorded some six years ago. In addition, he says “the steering doesn’t communicate the handling limits.” As a starting point, he says, the Corvette Stingray is good and has all the right ingredients to be improved with subsequent variants.

See the other reviews, first impressions and  below.

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