Nissan Xterra Owner Almost Reaches Their Final Destination After Rear-Ending A Logging Truck


A Nissan Xterra driver is lucky to be alive after unwittingly recreating a scene from the Final Destination franchise.

According to Whitfield County Fire Chief Edward O’Brien, the driver of the SUV apparently dropped something on the floor and learned over to pick it up. As their eyes were off the road, the Xterra slammed into the back of a logging truck.

The crash caused dozens of logs to shoot through the Xterra’s windshield and some went so far back that they blew out the rear window. While this could have easily been fatal, the driver was still leaning over and his head wasn’t hit by any of the logs.

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Advanced Extrication on Cleveland Hwy this morning. Great job guys! Patient had only minor injuries.

Gepostet von Whitfield County Fire am Freitag, 11. Oktober 2019

Emergency crews were quickly called to the scene where they preformed an “advanced extrication” to rescue the driver. O’Brien told CNN that firefighters had to cut through 30-40 logs before they could get to the driver. After the logs were cut, firefighters apparently removed the B-pillar and were able to free the man after about 10-15 minutes.

Despite everything, the driver only suffered minor injuries. That’s certainly surprising as the act of leaning over apparently caused the crash and also saved their life. Of course, this probably could have been avoided if the driver had simply kept their eyes on the road.

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