Regardless of your reasoning, brake-checking a large truck on the freeway is among the dumbest things somebody can do while behind the wheel of a passenger vehicle.

Still, the driver of this fourth-generation BMW X5 apparently didn’t care about moral high grounds and things of that nature, and went on to act like a complete numbskull for almost 20 full seconds. It’s a good thing that neither trucker decided to lower themselves to the BMW driver’s level.

The incident took place this past weekend in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is described as follows by the driver of the dashcam-equipped truck:

“I was traveling Northbound on Interstate 79 on a sunny Saturday afternoon near Bridgeville. The BMW driver passed the truck, crossing into the exit lane, then cut over into my lane and brake checking me first. Next, the BMW decided to go into the left-hand land to perform the same maneuver on the other truck and then doing it again to me causing me to swerve into the left lane almost rolling my loaded truck over on its side. The BMW sped away. My truck loaded weighs about 74,000 lbs, which can’t be stopped on a dime like most cars.”

We’re going to go out on a limb here and say that the BMW driver was likely upset by the fact that the two trucks were clogging the freeway. While that can be sometimes annoying, it’s certainly no excuse for anybody to act so foolishly.

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If you can think of other reasons why somebody might brake check two separate vehicles this way, please let us know – although, in any case, it definitely takes somebody who’s pretty full of themselves to act this way.

We would also like to praise both truck drivers for keeping their cool and avoiding making contact with the German SUV at all costs.

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