Is Tesla Model 3 Full-Self Driving Upgrade Worth $6,000?

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How well is this feature really going to work? Should you pay up?

It’s really impossible to know for sure right now exactly how refined and functional Tesla’s Full Self-Driving(FSD) will be. Of course, as with any Tesla features, updates are regular and incremental via its free over-the-air system. So, the feature’s initial success should pale in comparison to what it eventually becomes.

With all of this being said, buyers have to decide if they want to invest the $6,000. Even though the feature isn’t ready, you pay for it when you order the car. In addition, CEO Elon Musk has made it clear that the price will go up over time.

Since no one has access to a Tesla with fully functional, feature-complete FSD, the only thing we really have to go on is Tesla’s current iteration of Autopilot, as well as the newly released Smart Summon feature.

With regard to the latter, if the car can’t properly drive itself at a very low speed in a parking lot, would you trust it on the open road? Still, Tesla has proven the worth of its Autopilot system, and Navigate on Autopilot is highly capable in many ways.

YouTuber Jeremy Judkins runs his Tesla Model 3 through a series of tests and shares his opinions about every current feature of Tesla’s eventual FSD package. Check out the video and let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Video Description via Jeremy Judkins (Tech How To’s And Reviews) on YouTube:

Tesla Model 3 Full Self Driving Upgrade ! Worth $6000 ?!

In this video I go over every full self driving feature currently in 2019. Currently FSD is a $6000 addon. I discuss if it is worth it or not, after going over what the features actually do. FSD has automatic lane change, navigate on auto pilot, auto park, summon, smart summon and MORE!

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