Woman Hits Red Light Runner And Saves Pedestrians From Alleged Drunk Driver


The Phoenix Police Department is calling a Chevrolet Cruze a “hero” as it protected a couple from an accident.

According to officials, a 27-year-old woman was driving the Cruze at the intersection of 53rd Ave and Indian School on October 14th at approximately 10:10 pm.

As you can see in the video, traffic is stopped at a red light and the couple begins crossing the street while pushing a stroller. About six seconds into the clip, a Jeep driven by Ernesto Otanez Oveso blows through the light and is headed straight for the pedestrians.

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Fortunately, the Cruze slammed into the Jeep. The force of the impact pushed the Jeep off to the side and caused the woman’s Cruze to go into a spin. Thankfully, the crash saved the pedestrians and they can be seen running across the street.

While the clip ends there, the police department said Oveso and his female passenger fled the scene. However, a witness saw what happened and decided to follow him. Oveso eventually noticed and told the man to stop, “even stabbing one of the doors on his car.”

The woman got away, but police caught up with Oveso who was arrested on aggravated assault and DUI charges. Police also found a gun in the Jeep, so they slapped the 28-year-old with a prohibited possession charge as well.

Unfortunately, the story doesn’t have a happy ending as police confirmed the Cruze driver suffered non life-threatening injuries. Her car was also significantly damaged.

Chevy Cruz protects pedestrians in crosswalk

A hero in the form of a Chevy Cruz may have saved the lives of a couple pushing a stroller through a Phoenix crosswalk.The people were trying to cross Indian School at 53rd Avenue late in the evening when a car came barreling through the red light.A Chevrolet Cruz on 53rd Avenue entered the intersection on a green light when a Jeep driven by Ernesto Otanez Oveso slammed into that car, just a few feet away from the pedestrians.Oveso and a woman in the car with him took off running after the accident. Oveso noticed a witness was following him and told that man to stop, even stabbing one of the doors on his car.The 28-year-old was arrested on DUI and aggravated assault charges. Police also found a gun in the Jeep so an additional prohibited possession charge was added.The woman with Oveso at the time of the crash was not located.The driver of that Chevy Cruz was a 27-year-old woman. While she did suffer injuries, they were not life-threatening. Oct 14, 2019.10:10pm 53rd Ave & Indian School.

Gepostet von City of Phoenix Police Department am Mittwoch, 23. Oktober 2019

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