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What does a well-to-do adrenaline junkie put in an underground garage in Park City, Utah? Well, the answer could be any number of things, but when you’re Ken Block, it’s toys—really cool toys. 

It’s not much of a stretch to imagine that Block likes to keep some of his more interesting rides close to home, but thanks to Motor1, who spotted this video on Block’s YouTube page, we’re getting a glimpse into what Hoonigan sender Zac Mertens calls a “mountain bike dream garage.”

The coolest item in Block’s underground toy chest is by far his Ford RS200 Group B car, believed to be one of fewer than 10 in the United States (out of just 200 sold worldwide). The RS200, rocking the spot-on vanity plate “KLR B,” is Block’s dream car.

Block has owned several other gnarly Fords, including a 1991 Escort Cosworth Group A rally car, a decked-out 1974 Bronco and a 1978 Escort Mk2 RS, but the RS200 is one of his most recognizable and beloved personal vehicles, so it’s no surprise that he keeps it on-hand. 

KLR B shares four-wheeled space with a Can-Am Maverick X3 Max fitted with a four-bike rack. Why a bike rack? Well, the rest of the garage explains that nicely, starting with the bike wall, which holds eight ready-to-grab mountain bikes, including Block’s five favorites. For those with a fetish for non-motorized two-wheelers, you might want to check in around the 3:40 mark in the video. 

“This is just a nice, dream setup just to be able to keep everything organized for bike-riding, because we do a lot of that here in the summer,” Block says.

Storage in the garage is dedicated to tools, spare bike parts, GoPro cameras and mounting equipment, snacks, and gear. Each family member has a locker for riding gear, including helmets, shoes, goggles and other accessories. 

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