Audi A3 Driver Crashes Like He’s In A Transformers Movie


If you want to be in a Michael Bay movie that bad, then you probably shouldn’t be driving at all, because spectacular crashes only look good on IMAX, not a dashcam.

In all seriousness though, Bumbletwit here decided it was a good idea to overtake that white sedan despite not being able to see around the fast-approaching right hand corner. As a result, the yellow Audi A3 was propelled upwards and into the cammer.

The title of the video states that two vehicles ended up rolling, but we’re not entirely sure which other car rolled. In any case, it’s actually a miracle that everybody involved in the crash survived, let alone to do so without any serious injuries.

The reason why the Audi rolled in the first place was because the contact it made with the other vehicle was wheel to wheel, although we can understand that at the time, the Audi driver was probably desperate to move out of the way and wasn’t thinking very clearly.

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Looking at those chrome mirrors on the Audi, it’s possible that the car was actually the S3 version, which pretty much explains why it was being pushed in the first place – these so-called boy racers sure love overtaking “regular folk” on public roads, don’t they?

As you’ve probably noticed lately, wheel to wheel crashes are surprisingly frequent and they often tend to go really bad, even at low speed. But since the Audi driver wasn’t exactly being conservative with the throttle, the fact that the car ended up flying moonroof-first into the cammer comes as little surprise.

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