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The interminable chase scenes of “Gone in 60 Seconds” may as well be ancient history, but your chances to own your very own Eleanor Mustang seem to get better every year, thanks to ever-eager shops that have lined up to build licensed reproductions of the iconic 1967 Ford Shelby GT500 finished in Dupont Pepper Gray.

The latest shop to get in on the action is Tulsa, Oklahoma-based Brand New Muscle Car. The formula is pretty simple; we’ve seen it before. You take a 1967 Ford Mustang shell, be it original or a reproduction ordered from Ford, and you slap on a bunch of dress-up goodies complete with a “Go, Baby, Go!” button on the gear selector, and voila—your very own Eleanor.

Brand New Muscle Car Shelby GT500

Brand New Muscle Car Shelby GT500

But with the space getting crowded, shops aren’t content to just sell true-to-the-original replicas. Brand New Muscle Car will sell it to you in the original Dupont Pepper Gray if that’s what you want, but it can be built in any color, with or without stripes, or really any other aesthetic element that suits you.

That customization extends to the engine bay and trunk, where you can have your Mustang fitted with a 427 cubic inch Ford Racing V-8 crate engine pushing out 550 horsepower, or a modern Coyote 5.0-liter street V-8 making 435 along with your choice of various automatic or manual transmissions.

Brand New Muscle Car Shelby GT500

Brand New Muscle Car Shelby GT500

You can also take your pick of accessories, including anything from a supercharger to air conditioning. While temping, this level of fine-tuning doesn’t come cheap. Just a basic Eleanor build will set you back $199,995, and making it yours will likely jack the price up in a hurry.

Brand New Muscle Cars’ web site is plastered with restoration and reproduction examples of classic American icons, including the first-generation Ford Bronco, Dodge Challenger, and many others.

Brand New Muscle Car Shelby GT500

Brand New Muscle Car Shelby GT500

It is an official licensed reproducer of both the Eleanor Mustang and the Yenko Camaro, and an official dealer for Factory Five, which builds tribute replicas of the iconic Shelby Cobra roadster and coupe and various other track- and road-going toys.

The company joins the likes of Fusion Motor Company in California and Classic Recreations (also in Oklahoma) in offering Eleanor replicas, and while the executions may be slightly different, the end result is a badass reproduction of an automotive and Hollywood icon.

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