No need to explain why brake checking is both pointless and irresponsible, only serving to put you and other drivers in extreme danger if something goes wrong.

Some, though, would argue that it’s not pointless and quite the contrary – they’re trying to make a point by forcing another motorist to suddenly slow their vehicle as if to say “I’m mad at you, and here’s me teaching you a lesson”. In reality though, that’s totally immature and not much of an argument.

Alas, the driver of this blue Honda Civic Sedan failed to keep their emotions in check and undertook the dashcam equipped semi truck only to cut off a grey Hummer H2 before applying the brakes hard. Unfortunately for him, the driver of the Hummer either couldn’t or didn’t want to “play”, and smacked the Honda around a bit before seemingly coming to a halt – that’s when the semi drives past the scene of the crash.

Watch: Dashcam Shows Camaro Brake Checking Tesla Before Crash

According to the description of the video, the driver of the semi wanted to pull over but “there was a lot of traffic behind me to those concerned.” The video ultimately made it into the hands of the authorities, but as for what led up to the incident in the first place, our guess is as good as yours.

It’s likely that the two drivers had some type of disagreement prior to overtaking the semi. It’s either that or the driver of the Honda was simply too outraged by the thought of somebody driving such an obvious gas-guzzler like the Hummer H2.

In all seriousness though, it was an irresponsible gesture and the blue Civic paid the price for it.

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