When faced with an unreasonably low offer for the car they’re selling, most people reject it and get on with their lives.

Not Daniel Gagliardi, though. Owner of a rare, but rotten, Dodge Charger 500, the man got sick and tired of people trying to lowball him on the car or wasting his time. That’s understandable but receiving unrealistic offers is something everyone goes through when selling a car. Mr. Gagliardi would not let things slide, though, and that’s where the story starts to get really strange.

In order to teach these people a lesson (or so that’s what he claims), he took the classic muscle car to his local metal recycling facility and had it crushed. Yes, you read that right, instead of ignoring the lowballers and wait for the right buyer to come along (or at least sell the good parts separately), he decided to crush the car. Many of the parts could have gone to people who actually needed them to keep their Chargers running but Mr. Gagliardi decided otherwise.

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To make matters worse, he says he will do the same thing to the next vintage muscle car he gets his hands on, no hesitation at all. He had a friend of his film the entire sorry spectacle and uploaded the low-quality video online, so the lowballers can see who they’re dealing with.

The story goes that Daniel Gagliardi wanted $10,000 for his 1970 Dodge Charger. That’s a lot for a car in that state but not entirely out of touch with the reality. By doing what he did, he made sure everyone came out a loser from this affair: himself for losing a potential good sale, Dodge Charger 500 owners for being denied access to valuable parts, and enthusiasts for seeing the rare muscle car crushed.

Needless to say, most car lovers will find the video disturbing, not to mention Daniel Gagliardi’s sadistic joy of seeing the classic Dodge Charger being ripped apart – at one point, he even instructs the operator to destroy it some more.

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