This incident occurred on November 4th in San Francisco, northbound on the 101 freeway. As for the reason, well, it’s pretty obvious…

It all starts around the 12-second mark of the video, when the car in question can be seen scraping the side of the concrete divider as the road curved slightly to the right.

How did this happen? The first thing that springs to mind is the driver being distracted by something, but we can’t tell for sure. In any case, the car ended up contacting the divider twice, the second time more violently, leading to a complete loss of control.

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It then hit a white Toyota Prius, bounced off it and spun backwards towards the shoulder, directly into the rear end of a stationary car. Luckily, the man who was standing there managed to avoid getting crushed – barely

Afterwards, the man seems quite shaken up, and understandably so, seen as how this incident could have easily been fatal for him. Then there’s that white Prius, which if you look close, can be seen impacting the concrete barrier too.

As for the driver of the out-of-control car, if she was indeed distracted by something, she must have learned her lesson the hard way and will be paying more attention next time she gets behind the wheel.

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