DETROIT — Tesla Inc.&#x2019s Elon Musk plainly states his pickup is a &#x201Cbetter truck than an F-150.&#x201D Ford Motor Co. is having difficulty with that assert.

Though releasing a sequence of specs past 7 days for Cybertruck, which is scheduled to get started deliveries as shortly as late 2021, Musk identified as up a online video of the the pickup in a tug-of-war in opposition to Ford&#x2019s very best-advertising F-150. He tweeted a clip of the exam on Sunday demonstrating his car pulling a screeching Ford product up a hill.

Ford thinks Musk was producing an apples-to-oranges comparison. The online video the Tesla CEO tweeted seems to demonstrate a two-wheel generate model of the F-150 in opposition to an all-wheel generate Cybertruck. Other information that could have factored in which pickup gained out incorporate control body weight and tire form.

Sundeep Madra, vice president of Ford X, the automaker&#x2019s device for building new organization types, challenged Musk on Monday to ship Ford a Cybertruck. He connected to a put up by the auto-fanatic web-site that questioned no matter whether Tesla&#x2019s exam was &#x201Cfair activity.&#x201D

Musk responded to Madra: &#x201CBring it on.&#x201D

Tesla and Ford have been at this prior to. A lot more than a calendar year following Musk tweeted a boast about how significantly body weight Tesla&#x2019s truck would be ready to tow, Ford produced a marketing online video of an electrical F-150 prototype dragging additional than one million lbs of double-decker rail automobiles.

Right here&#x2019s a breakdown of how Ford&#x2019s most well known gasoline-fueled F-150 stacks up in opposition to Tesla&#x2019s most normally requested Cybertruck as of Saturday, in accordance to a Musk tweet.

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