Tesla obtains patent for Cybertruck’s novel windshield

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Tesla has received a patent for a new way to make glass that is evidently heading to be applied for Cybertruck&#x2019s novel windshield.

There are a good deal of issues about the Cybertrucks that are in contrast to any other motor vehicle out there.

The total plan driving the radical structure is that pickup truck models have remained approximately the identical for the past 30 several years and Tesla thinks it can build anything new that will split the cycle.

A single of the most novel and notorious options of the Cybertruck&#x2019s structure is its &#x201CTesla Armor Glass.&#x201D

It was built notorious by the unsuccessful demonstration on phase in the course of the unveiling of the electric powered pickup truck:

Franz post pitch Tesla Armor Glass

For several years, Tesla has been greatly investing in product science, which incorporates glass.

We beforehand noted on the Tesla Glass division doing the job on establishing new styles of glass for its products and solutions.

For the Cybertruck, the organization describes the &#x201CTesla Armor Glass&#x201D:

Extremely-solid glass and polymer-layered composite can take in and redirect influence pressure for enhanced general performance and problems tolerance.

But what&#x2019s exciting about the glass on the Cybertruck is that it follows the motor vehicle&#x2019s sharp function strains.

Now Tesla has received a new patent to manufacture glass that can be manipulated to build novel styles that typically can&#x2019t be attained in regular automotive glass production.

In the patent software, Tesla describes difficulties with present approaches:

Typically, these procedures for building glass constructions are constrained by the volume of curvature or bending achievable with the glass. For instance, usually only clean, substantial radius of curvatures (e.g., radius of curvature of one-three meters or much more), are applied for automotive glass constructions.

Tesla describes its technological innovation to accomplish shorter radiuses of curvature:

In some embodiments, a method for forming an automotive glass composition getting just one or much more function strains (or curves/bends) incorporates implementing localized warmth to just one or much more places of the glass composition, whereby the glass composition bends at the place of the localized warmth. In some illustrations, the glass composition is supported by a help device these that as localized warmth is used gravity forces the glass composition to bend at the just one or much more places (e.g., alongside a longitudinal line of the glass), therefore forming a function line or bend in the glass. In some illustrations, more forces may possibly be used to the glass composition, e.g., by way of a push, vacuum air suction, or the like to assist in bending or shaping of the glass composition. In some illustrations, a radius of curvature of the function line or bend in the glass composition at the just one or much more places is among two mm and five cm.

In this article are a couple of drawings provided in the patent software:

In the patent software, Tesla also describes a way to accomplish the identical end result with multilayered glass:

In a further embodiment, a glass composition incorporates a initially layer of glass getting a function line or bend in at the very least just one place thereof. The function line getting a radius of curvature among two mm and five cm. In some illustrations, the glass composition is a multilayer glass composition and incorporates a 2nd layer of glass which include a initially part of glass and a 2nd part of glass, the initially and 2nd parts assembly at the function line or bend in the initially layer of glass. A polymer may possibly be disposed among the initially layer of glass and the 2nd layer of glass.

In this article&#x2019s a drawing illustrating a multilayered glass with that stage of curvature:

This distinct drawing would place to the wrap-about windshield in the Tesla Semi, but Tesla truly shares drawings of the Cybertruck as illustrations in the patent software.

Tesla is now doing the job to deliver the Cybertruck to creation by mid-2023.

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